When you realise that Audio Note (UK) is regarded by many as one of the finest specialist hi-fi english brands in the world, the term ‘Music’s Finest Conductor’ is quite fitting really. Whether you are new to the world of valves or a connoisseur, in the market for a single component or a complete system, Audio Note (UK) should most definitely be your first port of call.


Musical Fidelity has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics for over thirty years and we are proud to have become one of the best-known brands in the Hi-Fi industry. Driven by a passion for wonderful music and the challenge of world-class engineering, they approach each new design by looking for the absolute best solution to a given challenge and embrace new technologies in their designs as well as developing more traditional methods for even greater performance.


High performance, hand-built loudspeakers and electronics for the most discerning audiophile, music lover and home cinema enthusiast. .


Over the past two decades, Nordost has grown its product line from just one cutting-edge cable to an extensive, all-encompassing range of hifi audio solutions, including audio and video cables, power products, and resonance control devices. Nordost cables bring the pure, unadulterated reality of a live performance to hifi sound systems, regardless the systems’ price point.


Quadraspire was established in 1995 by Dutch designer Eddie Spruit in an East London Studio and now has its own manufacturing facility in Bath, England where they design and make high performance HiFi racks. Twenty years ago we set out to develop a Hi Fi rack that would deliver acoustic performance with style. This was achieved by combining solid aluminium columns with specially engineered shelves to create a light and rigid construction that delivers clearer, cleaner musical performance. Since then the Q4 has been sold throughout the world and is still one of our most popular racks.


The Audio Note Lounge is proud to be a Club Orpheus Dealer.


Ultra clean LPs have a bigger soundstage, more dynamics, a more correct tonal balance, and reveal more detail. Ultra-clean surfaces result in less stylus wear. Superb results with both older, cherished LPs and with brand new pressings. High quality, reliable German engineering at its finest.


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